Hazlehurst Community Primary School
Geoffrey St, Ramsbottom, Bury, Lancashire, BLO 9PQ
Headteacher: Mr M Golding    Tel: 01706 822002    email: hazlehurst@bury.gov.uk

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Y3&4 Summer Concert
Air Raid Wardens

Y5&6 Summer Concert
Detectives at Work

2018 Fathers Day Den Building
in Reception

Fathers Day Den Building

Junior Sports Day 2018

Junior Sports Day

Infant Sports Day 2018

Infant Sports Day

2018 Bury Bandemonium


2018 Summer Gardening Day

Gardening Day

2018 Robinwood Trip

2018 Robinwood

School Band Performance at the British Empire Awards Ceremony

School Band Empire Awards

‘Frosty the Snowman’
by the Whole School
2015 Hazel and Hurst  at Xmas

2018 Sponsored Spring
in Your Step

!Spring in Your Step

2017 Reception Nativity
‘A King Is Born’

Three Wise Men

2017 Y5&6 Christmas Concert
Cinderella and Rockerfella

Cinderella dn Rockerfella

2017 Y1&2 Christmas Concert
Lights, Camel, Action!

The judges!

2017 Xmas Y3&4 Concert
A Midwife Crisis!

Donkey and Midwife

2017 Y6 Victorian Day at
Tatton Park

Y6 Victorians

2017 Y1 Recycling Trip

Y1 Recycling Trip

2017 Y1 visit to St Andrew’s Church

2017 Y1 Church visit

2017 Harvest Festival

2017 Harvest

2017 Art Day
Professor Illustrator




2017 Y1 Castle Day

2017 Castle Day

2017 Y5&6 Summer Concert
‘Three Little Pigs’

2017 3 Little Pigs

2017 Potato Harvest!

Giant potato

2017 Music For Youth
Birmingham Trip

MFY Birmingham

2017 Bury Bandemonium

2017 Bandemonium

2017 Y3&4 Summer Concert
‘Dragon Days’

Dragon Days

2017 Robinwood Trip
Volcano Team

2017 Robinwood Volcano

2017 Robinwood Trip
Dune Team


2017 Robinwood Trip
Lava Team


2017 Reception trip to
Manchester Airport

Airport Trip

2017 Sports Day - Infants

 Sporty Infants

2017 Sports Day - Juniors

Junior Sports

School Band in Rochdale Celebration Concert

Rochdale Celebration

Science Day 2017

2017 Science Day Rocket

Easter Eggs-hibition 2017

Spring Eggs-hibition

2017 Spinningfields Top Brass

Top Brass

Reception Dinosaurs 2017

2017 Spring Music Festivals

Festival Band Members

All I Want For Christmas Is
My Two Front Teeth

Hazel and Hurst at Christmas

Y1&2 Nativity Play 2016

Whoops-a-Daisy Angel

‘Actions Have Consequences’ Day

Emergency Call

Y5&6 Christmas Concert 2016

2016 Xmas Concert Y56

Y3&4 Christmas Concert 2016

Mr and Mrs Santa

Reception Nativity Play 2016

Mary and Joseph

Year 1 Church Visit 2016

Church Window

Year 6 Victorians - 2016

Victorian Girl

Reception Hindu Temple Trip 2016

Diwali lamp

Reception Farm to Fork 2016

Fruit Salad

Roald Dahl Day 2016

Oompa Loompa and Fantastic Mr Fox

Harvest Festival 2016

Harvest Festival
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